Ceiling Fan Installation

Hot and unbearable summer days and cold winters are a problem for most people. If you live in Sydney, you have undoubtedly experienced inconvenience due to the extreme summer and harsh winter. One of the simple solutions to overcome weather extremes is ceiling fan installation. The licensed electrical contracting team at Darlinghurst Electrical can make this happen for you - quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

You don’t have to do everything yourself

However, it's recommended that you leave the installation to experts. This job can be difficult, annoying, and even dangerous. Remember, often, tasks like this can go wrong. Unplanned problems will surely ruin your day. Not to mention how people often underestimate the complexity of ceiling fan installation, which is why they have additional problems.

The installation process is difficult

Don't waste your time; a professional will do this job much more efficiently and faster. Also, with improvised tools, you won't do much. Most households don't have the necessary tools, such as neon test light or box connectors. Buying these instruments that you’ll need once in a lifetime is a more expensive investment than simply inviting experts to do the work for you. An additional obstacle is the height and width measurements.

Mistakes are very costly, and we can create complications. In the end, it's necessary to assemble all the parts, which is perhaps the easiest task in this process. Today, no one can afford to waste time. That's why you need an expert to set up a ceiling fan quickly and easily. It’s necessary to say that in Australia, you are obliged by law to call a licensed and insured electrician to do this job for you.

Useful in winter

Therefore, if you want to cool off on unbearable summer days, a ceiling fan is a great and inexpensive solution. Your electricity bill will be lower. Also, when you choose a nice ceiling fan, it can be an additional decoration in your home. While you might never think of it, by pushing warm air down, the ceiling fan is also useful in winter. The average ceiling fan costs only 3 cents per hour to run. So the savings are considerable, and it pays off to install a ceiling fan. It also reduces the negative impact on the environment.

The larger the blade diameter is the larger space the fan will cover. They can be 44 to 56 inches in size. Of course, you will choose the one that suits you and your living room. They must be placed at least at the height of 2.1 m from the floor. Also, they must be spaced 300 mm from the ceiling.

Multiple benefits

So, whether you want to cool down, save money, decorate your living room, or simply reduce your impact on the environment - installing a ceiling fan is the ideal solution.

Call Darlinghurst Electrical

At Darlinghurst Electrical, we perform ceiling fan installation in a safe, professional, and high-quality way. If you are wondering who to invite to make your hot summer days easier, we are at your disposal. Our experience is a guarantee that the work will be done precisely the way you want. Look no further, call Darlinghurst electrical and cool off today!