Power Points

If you are having problems with the power points in your house, the team at Darlinghurst Electrical can help.

An over-loaded power circuit can cause tripping of the circuit breaker in your home electrical switchboard, and can also be potentially dangerous. Many older houses were not originally wired with a sufficient number of power circuits to accommodate the large number of electrical devices that we have plugged into our modern-day houses. Darlinghurst Electrical can inspect the number of power points that you have connected to your power circuit to determine if you have sufficient capacity. Where needed, we can then install a new additional power circuit (with additional power points) to safely carry the additional load of all your electrical appliances.

Old, broken and damaged power points can also present a significant safety issue for your family and home. Changing over your old power points for new, fresh power points is a quick and inexpensive method of improving the electrical safety around the home. Not only that, but there is a wide variety of different architectural power points available on the market that can significantly change the look and feel of your room.

We use and recommend the following Australian power point brands:

  • Clipsal
  • HPM

We can show you a wide range of different power points from these manufacturers, so you can find a style that fits in with your home decor:

  • Clipsal 2000 series
  • Clipsal Classic series
  • Clipsal Iconic Styl range
  • Clipsal Iconic Essence range
  • HPM Arteor with Netatmo series
  • HPM Lineo series
  • HPM Vivo series
  • HPM Excel series

Get in touch with the expert team of electricians as Darlinghurst Electrical, to install a new power point, or update an existing power point in your home.